The Program Overview

Real-time Training Sessions develop all the core coaching skills and address all the International Coach Federation (ICF) core competencies.

Independent Study Hours are designed to introduce you to business aspects of coaching, allow you to define yourself as a Coach and create your future as a Coach.

The program also includes 10 Mentor Coaching Hours with an experienced Mentor Coach, 7 of which will be conducted in an inspiring group environment and the other 3 will be individual. Thorough understanding of the ICF core coaching competencies and 10 Mentor Coaching Hours are required in the ICF accreditation process at the level of Associate Certified Coach (ACC).

Real-Time Training Sessions will introduce you to ICF core coaching competencies and thoroughly discuss their meaning and implications. Mentor Coaching Hours will give You a chance to practice Your key coaching skills and the application of the core competencies during supervised group and individual sessions. An experienced ICF accredited Mentor Coach will observe Your work as a coach with your coachee and provide you with feedback on the level of development of Your coaching skills.

Upon completion of the program You will have the course requirements, credit hours and Mentor Coaching hours to apply for the Associate Certified Coach ACC certification through the ICF.