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Benefits of Coaching

Coaching can be associated with numerous benefits in many different aspects of the client’s life. It allows clients to discover their life purpose, their dreams, who they truly are and want to be. Owler (2012) argues that a stronger and clearer sense of self inspires positive changes to occur. Clients feel empowered and supported by the coaching relationship and no longer see their problems as unsolvable and tasks as hard. Through life coaching clients become less engaged and gain perspective and insight, which allows them to attain goals more successfully. While they create the lives of their dreams, they become more fulfilled and happy. When clients experience more love, happiness, health, and wealth, they benefit their closest environment – they have better relationships, contribute more to their community, have better work-related outcomes, and better mental and physical health (Ellis, 1998; Ozer & Benet-Martinez, 2006; Wood et al., 2008). The outcomes and benefits of the life coaching process supported by the scientific literature can be grouped into four broad categories: sense of self; life of one’s dreams; behavior/personality change; quality of life.


Benefit Examples
Sense of self improved self-awareness, self-discovery, and larger vision
Life of one’s dreams smarter goal setting, enhanced communication skills, project completion, increase in goal striving, successful self-regulation, efficient goal attainment, effective approach to creating a positive change, efficient problem solving, feeling of empowerment and support
Behavior/personality change self-confidence, enhanced self-acceptance, psychological courage and self-determination, change of behavior, change in career, self-reflection decrease, clients make themselves a priority
Improvement in wellness and quality of life improved health, wellness, more balanced life at a lower stress level, healthier lifestyle, more energy and improved fitness, more fun, more income, more free time, better relationships with co-workers and families

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